The White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps Announce Design Team and Caption Heads for 2017

October 28, 2016, Rochester, NY – For the past five years, the White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps has been exceeding expectations and continuing to grow at an unprecedented and steady rate from season to season.

Each season brings incredible design and instruction that elevates the corps and their competitive standing. As we begin our 2017 season, the White Sabers Drum Corps is confident that this season will be no different as we welcome a great mix of familiar and new faces.

The design team will be led by Program Coordinators Ben Chaffee and David Orser. Chaffee and Orser will also work together on the 2017 brass arrangement with assistance from DCA Hall of Famer Donny Allen.

A new addition to the White Sabers is Marc Garside, who will serve as both Percussion Caption Head and Arranger. Assisting with percussion arrangement will be Joe Stork. Another new face to the White Sabers is Mark Rider who will head up the 2017 Visual Design. The Color Guard designers for the second year in a row are Stephanie Waugh and Nicholas Gerling.

The instructional staff will led by second-season Staff Coordinator Mike Mueller.

Our caption heads bring a wealth of experience in their respective positions. For the sixth consecutive season, Matt Jaeger will reside as Brass Caption Head. Also beginning her sixth season is Colorguard Caption Head Stephanie Waugh. Former Assistant Visual Caption head, Tim Allen, has been named Visual Caption Head for this season. In his first season with the White Sabers is Percussion Caption Head, Marc Garside.

Stay tuned for a complete list of instructional staff and consultants for the 2017 season. The White Sabers have assembled a design and instructional team that possesses the talent and experience to reach our 2017 goals.

eventphotoJoin us in kicking off the 2017 season at our Open House, Sunday, November 27th, 9am-2pm at Naples High School in Naples, NY. For more information, visit