White Sabers Last July Virtual Camp, 8/15, 10am-1:30pm with Special Guests!!

We are excited to have special guests: John McFarland, Tim Green, Matt Jaeger and Stephanie Pellittieri with us and we look forward to future endeavors!

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Corps Meeting 10am

Join our Show Coordinator John McFarland as we discuss the inner-workings of our 2020/21 production, Vengeance.

Master Class/Sectionals 10:15-11:15

Listen to our guests as they present a unique way to view the marching activity and how it may change moving forward!


Corps Bonding 11:20-12

Join the corps as we celebrate our rich history with some Drum Corps and Color Guard based games/contests!


Individual Lessons 12pm-1:30

The devil is in the details; dig in with your  technician to really explore your potential.


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