2019 Show Write-up – 007:Becoming Bond

We are proud to present the 2019 program:

007: Becoming Bond

James Bond is a well-known literary and cinematic character that has transcended generations.  His swagger and cockiness is only rivaled by his charm and cunning nature as a special agent for the British Secret Service. Early in his career while on assignment in an exotic locale, Bond falls in love with a girl only to have her get shot and die in his arms.  Bond seeks vengeance against those that killed her and his blood runs cold. He has now becomes what he was meant to be…. Bond, James Bond.
Movement 1 – Introduction
You Know My Name by Chris Cornell
Movement 2 – Shaken, Not Stirred
Welcome to Cuba by David Arnold
Movement 3- Love and Tragedy
Skyfall by Adele Adkins and Paul Epworth
Movement 4 – Revenge
Live and Let Die – Paul McCartney
Movement 5 – Bond, James Bond
Golden Eye by Bono and the Edge
James Bond Theme by Monty Norman
2019 Administrative Team
Corps President – Pete Amico
Corps Director – Ben Chaffee
Assistant Corps Director/PR Coordinator – Bill Snook
Business Manager – Laura Garside
Quartermaster – Doug Jones
Administrative Assistant/Membership Manager – Cryslin Davis
Administrative Assistant/Support Team Coordinator – Kira Parks
Administrative Assistant/Communications – Noah Kelsey
Milton Contest Coordinator – Amy Snook
Drum Majors
Joanna Rocco
Mikaela Brown
2019 Design and Staff Announcements
Staff Coordinator/Ensemble Coordinator – Joseph Stork
Brass Staff
Brass Caption Head – Matthew Jaeger
Assistant Brass Caption Head – Randall Bennett
Brass Instructors – Rebecca Fox, Dylan Aird and Dylan Kucinski
Percussion Staff
Percussion Caption Head/Arranger – Marc Garside
Percussion Arranger- Ryan Reed
Assistant Percussion Caption Head/Tenor Technician – Ian Conyers
Battery Coordinator/Snare Technician – Nick Liddie
Front Ensemble Coordinator – Irene Fiesinger
Snare Technician – Kyle Reinsborrow
Bass Technician – Tyler Wasson
Cymbal Technician – Benjamin Mitchell
Front Ensemble Technicians – Zach Hanford, Sydney Andrews
Front Ensemble Technician/Electronics Designers – Reed Lehman, Zach Nash
Visual Staff
Co-Visual Caption Heads – Adam Pellittieri and Joe Wormworth
Visual Staff – Raymond Jones, John Kissell, Andre Rizzuto, and Brian Vollmer
Color Guard Staff
Color Guard Caption Head – Shannon Spalding
Guard Staff – Jessica Sidelaeu, Lindsay Lavicka, Kara Brown, Kira Farley and Cheyenne Kepner
Consultants – Donny Allen, David Orser, Joe Taylor

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