The White Sabers are proud to announce their 2022 production: Heavy Metal.

“This show combines a very intriguing visual concept with powerful music!

With our first year back to live competitions, we’re excited to bring this heavy hitting show to stadiums throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

White Sabers Drum & Bugle Corps Director, Benjamin Chaffee

Metallurgy, the ancient art and science of modifying metals, gave rise to the study of alchemy. This medieval forerunner of chemistry is based on the supposed “transformation” of matter, particularly converting base metals into gold.

Ancient Alchemy, a science represented in symbols, considered the Quincunx the most important. Five figures within a square, it denotes the atomic structure of all metals in their final formation. As a symbol, it represents the achievement of spiritual enlightenment by creating a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. In alchemy, it signifies the final transformation of base metals into gold — the ultimate ambition of this ancient art and science.

For our 2022 production “Heavy Metal,” the White Sabers will explore the pursuit of forging base metals and transforming them into gold through musical inspiration from Mosolov, Curiale, and well-known metal band, Metallica.

Our opening production, featuring music of Alexander Mosolov and Metallica, finds us in The Foundry manipulating molten metal while in its malleable form. The corps will capture the flow and motion of liquid hot metal on the field while fire, heat, and hammers are exemplified with this high-paced and rhythmic production.

The lyrical production features music from Metallica and captures the reflective and introspective nature of alchemy and its attempt to change and purify metals. Here, our thoughts are dominated by the relentless pursuit of gold where “Nothing Else Matters.”

Heavy metal in spirit, the battery and front ensemble feature explores a broad palette of colors and timbres presented by a striking display of various metals in multiple configurations.

Our closing production, featuring music of Joseph Curiale, is a grandiose conclusion as the Corps achieves Quincunx, thus reaching alchemy’s ultimate goal — converting base metals into gold, perhaps discovering a universal elixir.

“Heavy Metal” is a study of metallurgy, alchemy, and the seemingly magical process of transformation and creation.

Join us in our pursuit of transforming ordinary base metals into gold.

To learn more about how you can be a part of this year’s cast, fill out our interest form.

White Sabers