Joe Taylor

Joe has been involved with the marching arts since 1979. During this time, he has spent many years working with DCA and DCI programs. Joe was a staff member and Visual Caption Head during the championship seasons with The Syracuse Brigadiers, Empire Statesmen, and Spirit of Atlanta.

Joe has been Program Coordinator, Visual Designer, and Visual Caption Head for many marching bands and winter percussion programs in New York. Earning multiple championships, including WGI PSA 2017 Bronze Medal with Victor Indoor Percussion Ensemble.

Joe has consulted for many marching bands and drum corps in the Northeast. he has had the opportunity to work with some great designers and instructors including Jim Steele, Rick Morey, Jamie Thompson, Rich Templin, Ted Mascari, Mark Rider, and Chris Calhoun.

Joe is earning his Certify WGI certification and is judging winter percussion circuits in New York and Pennsylvania.

Joe is a graduate of Nazareth College and resides in Rochester, NY with his wife, Josette, and 15-year old daughter, Juliana. He is the Director of Business Development for Delphi Healthcare.