February 23rd – Introduction and Training

March 15th – Interview and Field Trial

April 18th and 19th – Formal Audition

The White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps are excited to announce that we will be starting the process for selecting Drum Majors for the 2020 Season.  Below you will find the information and qualifications that we are looking for our on field leadership! Check it out and let us know you’re interested in this exciting opportunity.  If you are having trouble attending this coming Sunday, February 23rd in Arkport (9:00am-4:00pm) please reach out to us and we’ll get you involved!



– Drum Majors are expected to attend all corps functions. Any scheduling conflicts must be communicated at the time of the interview portion.

– Drum Majors are expected to arrive at least 30 mins prior to the start of rehearsals to assist administration and staff with duties.

– Drum majors are performing members are expected to follow the same information that is in the membership handbook.



–  Candidates will be viewed and feedback will be given by the staff and administration throughout the season. This will occur through individual lessons as well as direct feedback on performance in a small and/or large ensemble settings.

– Conducting experience is not required, however, ability to accept feedback on patterns and interpretation, as well as an eagerness to grow as a musician and leader is.

– A strong voice and ability to control the rehearsal is necessary.  It is important for leaders to understand how their tone is being perceived. We want a firm leader, not a harsh one.

–  Drum Majors will lead by example in everything they do in and outside of rehearsal. The persona displayed by the drum majors has a direct effect on that of the membership; positive interactions and attitude matter.  This must be displayed toward members, staff and administration at all times.


– Drum majors will be the primary communication of tempo, dynamics, emotion and directions to the drum corps.

– Drum majors will be responsible for metronome programing.

– Drum majors will be in charge of running the metronome for various sections of the corps when rehearsal schedule requires.

– Drum majors may be asked to move around the field with the metronome to assist in various rehearsal techniques.

– Drum majors will organize bonding events for the corps throughout the season.

– Drum majors will be responsible for mastery of the music and drill scores.

– At times, drum majors may be asked to help support staff with tasks.  As a liaison between the administration, staff and members, it is important for candidates to demonstrate the ability to multitask.

Face of the Corps

– Throughout the season, the drum major is the most visible member of the corps. Positive interactions with other drum majors/corps members, along with being the voice of the organization at all times is a key component to being a great leader. This also provides the opportunity to reinforce the corps public image in the DCA and marching arts community.

– Volunteering for recruiting events and public performances outside of the DCA season is encouraged.

– Demonstrating the corps’ policies and procedures as laid out in the membership handbook will lead to great relations on and off the field. Furthermore, the ability to help members understand the purpose of this structure how they fit in is an essential quality in a drum major.

Please understand that we are looking for members who would be open to other opportunities within the corps, whether or not they are offered a drum major position.

The Process

Step 1: If you have interest, please email and

Step 2: Show up to the audition dates.

Step 3: Act the part. As you become more comfortable with the corps, start helping with the unloading/loading of equipment, and start meet members and staff during down time. Keeping members motivated and always having a positive energy about you is a sign of a great leader.

Thank you again for your interest! Any questions should be submitted to the White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps ( and Joe Stork (


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