We have added prize money, new games and a progressive jackpot of $500!  Doors open at 5:30pm and we begin selling at 6pm. Game starts at 7pm. If you have any questions, call Leslie Amico at (585) 330-6960.

Thursday Night Bingo

22 Ossian St.
Dansville, NY


Selling starts at 6:00 PM
Early bird starts at 7:00 PM
Regular bingo follows

Admission is 3 faces for $3.00

Additional sheets available:
3 faces for $3.00
6 faces for $6.00
9-18 faces for $9.00

2 split pots – each pay out 75% of the pot

Early bird is 3 faces for $1.00

2 thoughts on “Bingo

    1. Nope! Anyone is welcome to come and play bingo! You can even come down and volunteer to work Bingo if you’d like. We’re always looking for volunteers! You just can’t work and play bingo in the same night. Let us know if you need more details!

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